About self-importance

OK Google, OK Andrii why self-importance is not that important? Sometimes I have such a moments in my life that I’m getting annoyed about everything and getting offended by some little things. Have you had such moments in your life? Castaneda opened me a new point of view on this topic. In his book, the […]

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Entertain yourself

OK Google, OK Andrii, Entertain yourself How many times in your life have you been bored? Just like you sit during the lecture and teacher push some bulshit and you’re like “Oh my god when will all this shit finish”. Or another situation: Friday evening. You went to supermarket and of course you have to […]

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Life as one big experiment

OK Google, OK Andrii, let’s talk about the experimental approach in life. Imagine a situation: you come to the lesson at the morning and you teacher gives you a paper with your grade from the last assignment – 3 out of 5. What’s your first emotional reaction? Do you feel sad? Broken? Life is shit? […]

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